Diva Nail Lounge

2057 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94114
Email: trang@divanl.com

Hours of operation

                               Monday                    :  12PM-7PM
                       Tues - Saturday : 10AM-8PM
                       Sunday             : 11AM-7PM


 Manicure/Pedicure Treatments:

 Diva Express
  Come with basic manicure and pedicure with shorter massage and no exfoliated treatment
Combo $30      Manicure $12        Pedicure $20

Diva House
(Seasonal Ingredients)

A citrus scented soak helps soften the skin and has antimicrobial properties, which unwinds your body and mind. Your nails are cut and shaped to your personal specifications. The cuticles are pushed back and excess cuticle material is then trimmed. A light callus treatment is then performed using your own individual pumice stone. (For tougher calluses, try our Callus treatment;). Soften the skin with our seasonal scrub and continue with a relaxing 5 minutes massage and a warm towel wipe. This treatment provides optimum hydration. The nutrients found naturally in your skin are replenished and you leave our spa feeling like a glowing, new person. It is a must try manicure and pedicure, since it is known to increase circulation and thus raise body temperature comfortably.

Combo $38  Pedicure $25 Manicure $15

Diva Hot Stone Combo

After long hour of working, it's time for you to come with us and enjoy our Hot Stone manicure and pedicure. Your tired feet will feel good right away after putting in our warm  jelly bath foot tub then our professional technicians will help you go through all the trimming, shaping and putting you toes' nail in the best condition. A light callus treatment will be performed to rub away your stubborn callus. An exfoliation scrub then will be applied to remove all the dead skin cells on you legs and feet giving the most glowing and smoothest skin. Follow up with a warm hot stone massage for 5-7 minutes will leave you a best relaxing day ever!! after all, we'll finish up with fresh coats of polish selected from you big selection of polishes.

Combo $60  Pedicure $40 manicure $25


Taste of Diva
(Rose essential)

Warm your heart and soothe your hands and feet in a warm milk jelly bath and luscious rose petal bath. File and buff your nails into shape and condition your cuticles in rose essential oil. Exfoliate your dead skin cells in an organic scrub. Finish your treatment with a fresh coat of polish. The protein of milk acts as a natural moisturizer. Great for those with dry or cracked skin, it allows the skin to rehydrate and acts as a gentle exfoliant.

Combo $42  Pedicure $25   Manicure $19

Cocoacarey (Chocolate Essential) Limited Editions

Soak in a warm milk bath with lavish rose pedals.  Exfoliate the dry skin in a organic oatmeal sugar scrub treatment.  We then apply a Chocolate Mask which is a excellent moisturizer that leave your skin soft and glowing. Finish off with a fresh coats of polish to seal the kiss! Not only that its diet friendly, chocolate has a special place in our nutrition. It filled with trytophan, and essential amino acid  precursor of serotonin neurotransmitter that is thought to regulate mood. It is very rejuvenating and helps you feel more at peace. Perfect for dry skin

Combo $55  Pedicure $35 Manicure $25

 Diva Classic Combo (Lavender essential)

Soak into our natural lavender cream bath mixing with our jelly bath foot tub. Treat yourself to a cuticle push-back with lavender essential oil, and then indulge yourself with our seasonal scrub and exfoliant. Top it off with 10-minutes of light reflexology on your hands and feet. Finishing with a fresh coat of polish. The protein of milk acts as a natural moisturizer. Lactic acid is a natural exfoliant for the skin and provides plentiful amounts of vitamin E.

Combo $58 Pedicure $35  Manicure $27

Diva Deluxe Combo (Pomegranate essential)

Enhance your youthful glow with an invigorating citrus mint soak with slices of lemon, lime, and jelly bath. Your nails will be filed and buffed into shape, your cuticles pushed back, and your dead skin cells exfoliated away with our seasonal scrub. Remove all the dead skin on your heels with our callus remover. Relax your muscles and revitalize your skin with a soothing peppermint mask and paraffin hot wax then will be applied on your hands. Follow it up with a 10 minute healing massage on both hands and feet and application of your favorite nail polish. Aging is a natural process of life, however, with the help of acids from pomegranate and orange the signs of aging are diminished. Antioxidants protect cells by neutralizing external forces (such as damage from the sun, pollution, wind, and temperature). This special combination of vitamins and nutrients (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, & antioxidants) assist in skin repair and strengthening of blood vessels.

Combo $70  Pedicure $42 Manicure $32


Diva Signature

Dive  your hands and feet into our organic citrus aromatherapy bath. We will file and buff your nails into shape and condition your cuticles with solar almond oil. We use our signature callus removal kit, which provides you with everything you need to give you soft and flawless feet. Your skin is then dry brushed and an organic scrub is applied. The last delectable indulgence will be our sweet honey avocado mask which is sure to sooth and relax you. Your treatment will be topped off with 15 minutes of light reflexology plus paraffin on both hands and feet. Final step will be a fresh coat of our famous Spa Ritual® Nail Lacquer, which is naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes.

Combo $90 pedicure $55 manicure $40

Spa Parties (baby shower, bridal shower, birthday's party, graduation party, bachelorette party, girl's night out etc.)

Diva Nail Lounge offers private parties for groups up to 20 people. It is an ideal way to celebrate a bachelorette party, a Baby Shower party, a Bridal Shower or simply just a Girls’ night out. A party at Diva Nail Lounge also is a perfect place to treat all your business’s employee. Partying at Diva Nail Lounge, you will have the full use of entire store and employees for hours of pampering!!! SO COME AND ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!

 All Diva Nail Lounge services are available for all guests to enjoy a completely fantastic experience. For more information, please contact:

Trang Nguyen

Diva Nail Lounge’s manager

Phone: (415) 252 7052

Cell: (415) 608 6287

Acrylic nails

Acrylic full set   $40

Acrylic white tips full set  $45

Acrylic filled in  $30

Pink and white full set  $60

Pink and white filled in   $45


Shellac Add-on : $18

A soak-off nail gel that is applied in a similar manner to regular nail polish, only it requires a UV lamp to cure the gel. Lasts for up to three weeks with no chipping or fading!


 Selectable Additions


With today's hectic schedules and time constraints, sometimes you just need to pack in as much relaxation and as much pampering as you can. Aside from the therapeutic benefits for those suffering from arthritis or severely dry skin, paraffin increases circulation, improves skin color, and relieves aching joints. Paraffin treatments are very soothing and relaxing and leave your hands and feet smooth and soft. The relaxation you experience during your paraffin treatment will follow you throughout your day. Your hands and feet are placed into a warm wax bath then are placed in warm mitts and booties while you relax.

Feet $10   Hands $8




Avocado Mask - Best fruit to repair your dry skin, contains a good portion of vitamin E.  All Skin Types


Lavender Mask - It contains excellent antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, bactericides, and anti-inflammatory properties. Also tones the skin.  All Skin Types

 Peppermint Clay - Gently cools the skin, relieving irritation. Energizes and restores circulation.  All Skin Types

Hands or Feet $8


Scrubs (choice of green-tea mint, papaya pineapple or lavender)

green tea- mint scrubs -
made with all natural products  is good for sensitive skin help restore hydrations

Papaya- pineapple scrubs -Made with surgar  gentle for your skin pomegranate is a good sourse of anitoident

Lavender Scrubs
Lavender  sugar or salt is soothing for your skin and help to relax your mind help to remove the dead skin cell

Hand or Feet $5


 Express Fix

Nails cut and shaped to your personal specifications; choice of fresh polish application

Feet $12   Hands $8

Minx Design

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive back that is heat activated. the heat gives Minx the conformity to fit over the compound curves of your nails and seals it onto the nail bed. Our minx is guaranteed for seven whole days!

Feet $48   Hand $28

Hand Painted Design $5 & up

 French Polish Design $5


Lip                                  $10

Chin                               $10

Eyebrow Shaping           $18

Eyebrow Cleaning          $12

Forehead                      $15

Side Burns                     $10

Full Face                       $40

Under Arms                   $15

Upper Arms                   $25

Lower Arms                   $20

Chest                             $25

Back                              $30

Bikini Basic                     $25

Bikini                              $30& up

Bikini Brazilian Women   $45 $up

Man Brazillian                 $55 & up

Half leg upper                $30